With 25 years in the wedding industry, Dixie Bagley, has worked with a lot of couples and vendors across the country but specifically in the Southeast. Dixie is known for her positive energy, southern hospitality and experience planning beautiful events.  As a wedding venue owner, bakery owner, event planner and now founder of the Southern Wedding Collective, Dixie has the initiative and know-how of a seasoned professional to bring together vendors and newly engaged couples on a trustworthy platform.

Building Community

If you have ever grown up in a small town, you know how it feels when people know you by name at the local grocery store or ask how your family is doing at the coffee shop. It may seem old fashioned but after the last year we have had it is nice to be greeted with a smile. Those same community ideals transfer over with the Southern Wedding Collective. This is a chance for the little guys to shine. Too many big-box wedding directories have made it almost impossible for smaller vendors to participate and that stops with this marketplace.  Our vendors are local to the region and know what southern couples want and expect. Hiring a vendor is more than the exchange of goods and money. It involves trust with your dreams and building a relationship during one of the happiest times of your life.

Building Integrity

Each vendor is personally vetted and selected by Dixie. After planning over 400 weddings, Dixie knows the characteristics of a successful wedding vendor and venue. We do not sell any couple’s information to outside companies, so no one must worry about random venues or vendors popping up in their inbox. Same to be said for vendors, when joining the collective you are fostering a sense of culture over the competition of one another. And along with the culture comes education for everyone. The site will offer continual articles for wedding planning advice, vendor education and opportunities to meet and mingle both in-person and online.

Built for Simplicity

Competition has no place in your wedding planning and we have created the Southern Wedding Collective to reflect that. There are no hidden fees to take advantage of the platform. It is a free directory and service for couples looking to plan the southern wedding of their dreams.  And when a vendor signs up to join the collective they are given the same amount of marketing and exposure over any other vendor. There is no pay-to-play model in place. When couples search in the directory for the types of goods and services you offer, your name will appear. Your business, no matter the size, will appear on blogs and social media posts. Your exposure to brides and grooms is not limited to the amount of money you pay when joining this wedding marketplace.

Ready to break the mold when it comes to planning your wedding and gaining new clients? Join the Southern Wedding Collective and join a growing community of humans that value relationships, integrity and simplicity. Stop searching on platforms that don’t have your best interests in mind and start creating connections…happily ever after.