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The Southern Wedding Collective is a platform to connect couples with the most reputable and vetted Venues and Vendors in the wedding and event industry across the South.

When couples find a Venue or Vendor on the Southern Wedding Collective, they can be assured that they are dealing with a verified and insured business.

Member Benefits


The Southern Wedding Collective has partnered with a reputable marketing agency to promote our Venues and Vendors. We target social media, Internet searches and third-party platforms to promote the Southern Wedding Collective.

Equal Exposure

Our Venues and Vendors receive equal exposure across our community. We never ask our members to compete against each other to be placed at the top of the list or featured on our front page. Our listings are alphabetically or randomly displayed.



The Southern Wedding Collective enourages members to collaborate. As our community grows, we will be be adding vendor forums to allow our members to easily collaborate, seek advice or share knowledge with the SWC community.

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