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For the past two years, our Southern Wedding Collective vendors have been busy chatting with podcast hosts across the airwaves. As they continue their journey we will update this page for more of their educational discussions that add value and meaning to your own wedding planning experience.

Grap your air pods, a cup of your favorite beverage, hop on the treadmill, on in the car, and let’s listen in as we learn from some of the best in the business.

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast-You Ask, We Answer #51

Hosts: Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez

Dixie joins the ladies for another edition of their monthly episode of You Ask, We Answer; where we take time to listen to our audience’s questions, select top trending picks, and answer them on the show.

Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

Host: Eddie Babbage

If you find it hard to say no, then you’re not alone. Especially in the event industry, it can be difficult to set boundaries, even when you deserve them.  That’s why Dixie shares the powerful way that she determines what she wants and says “no” when something isn’t right for her. 

Candid Conversations by CaterSource: Dixie Bagley

Host: Clinton Hufft

Labor of Love: What No One Tells You About Starting and Maintaining a Venue with Dixie Bagley. Opening the doors to a new venue is a rewarding experience, but one that takes a fair amount of careful planning and research. Dixie shares the stories of how she found and developed a 300-acre successful event venue.

Bridal Business Bootcamp – Dixie Bagley

Host: Jamison Evans

How do you get on that exclusive recommended vendor list with a venue? Host, Jamison Evans, chats with venue owner of The Farm, Dixie Bagley. Dixie shares her best practices for working with a venue. Based in Georgia, Dixie wears many hats as a venue owner, bakery owner and a wedding planner. She offers her insight and expectations when working with vendors and her recipe for building your business and getting listed on a venue recommendation list.

The Wedding Report: Business Interview with Dixie Bagley

Host: Shane McMurray

In this podcast, Shane McMurray interviews businesses that work in the wedding industry and couples/brides/grooms getting married. Dixie had the pleasure of chatting with Shane last April at the beginning of the pandemic and discussed how she began offering smaller packages for microweddings and how that shift helped her embrace all her venue has to offer but also allow those couples with a budget still have a special day and experience all her venue has to offer.

You can listen here or watch here