If you thought your journey to finding love was difficult, wait until you’ve begun the wedding planning process.

For starters, you must find a venue and caterer that you and your partner can agree upon, hire reception entertainment that will encourage your friends and family to book it to the dance floor, all while simultaneously selecting floral arrangements and hunting for the perfect attire to wear while saying, “I do.”

Those are just the major bullet points on your wedding planning checklist! As your wedding comes down to the wire, there will be many small tasks that need to be completed or run the risk of being overlooked.

To combat the wedding planning scaries, most couples consider hiring a wedding planner to take charge.

If you can find room in your wedding budget, a wedding planner can be a godsend! As your go-to guide from planning to walking down the aisle, your planner will alleviate your stress and allow you to enjoy your nuptials.

Still on the fence about whether or not a wedding planner is worth finding some wiggle room in your budget? Keep reading and find out exactly how much a planner can cost and what they can do to help transform your entire planning process.

How much does a wedding planner cost?
According to a survey of recently married women, the average cost of hiring a wedding planner for a range of service packages is $1,800, whereas higher-end planners or more inclusive package levels fall in the ballpark of $4,000.

Wedding Planner vs. Day-of Coordinator
Speaking of package levels, most planners offer different levels of coordination in an attempt to match a couple’s budget and needs. In some instances, a couple may only wish to hire a day-of coordinator rather than a long-term wedding planner.

As a general rule, day-of coordinators generally take all of the couple’s hard work and planning efforts and see that everything is set in motion. They help execute your vision, become the point person for communication with vendors on your wedding day. and help put out any unexpected fires along the way.

While a coordinator is just for day-of situations, a wedding planner is committed to spending hours of work and dedication to ensuring that your dream wedding goes from expectations to reality. They are with you the entire process and can help guide you with vendor selection and contract negotiations, among other key planning areas. They will also take over the responsibilities of a coordinator, sometimes with an additional charge.

The Benefits of Hiring A Wedding Planner
Hiring a wedding planner to join you and your partner on your journey down the aisle can come with many benefits to make your life easier in the months, weeks, or even days leading up to your wedding day.

Keep these benefits in mind when mulling over the idea of hiring your planner:

  • Reduce Stress During the Planning Process – It’s in their job title, so it makes sense that one of the most significant benefits of having a wedding planner on your side is that they love to plan! A planner can help you better manage your wedding timelines and keep you on track. They can also provide insight and advice in all areas of your planning process, from florists and caterers to themes and decor ideas.
  • Helps Save Money and Find Exclusive Deals – Your planner has experience that is vital to the planning process and may save you money along the way. Having established themselves in the wedding industry, they likely have a list of preferred vendors they work with regularly. As a result, these connections can sometimes earn discounted rates and smoother contract negotiations with vendors. A wedding planner can also answer most budgeting concerns and help you trim your budget to get the best price for your desired plans without having to sacrifice quality or quantity.
  • Keeps Your Organized – As you progress through the planning process, invoices, contracts, and other physical paperwork certainly pile up. A proper wedding planner will keep your documentation in check and ensure you have everything you need walking into every meeting with venue coordinators, vendors, and everyone in-between.

While hiring a wedding planner may feel superficial or excessive to some couples planning their wedding, the benefits of having one on your side are worth every penny. Not only does a wedding planner offer you a stress-free ride to the altar, but they also provide peace of mind knowing that your dream wedding is in excellent hands.

If you’re convinced that a wedding planner is a must-have addition to your wedding planning process, check out the Southern Wedding Collective today and let us help match you with a planner that is a class act!