Today’s Vendor Highlight is a chat with Sabrina Dowdy of Across the Bar Bartending and Rental Service. If they aren’t on your radar or if you have thought you may be planning a DIY bar for your wedding, take the time to keep reading. Hiring a professional to manage the bar ensures your guests will have a great time, you won’t run out of drinks and you and your new spouse can focus on the party instead!

Across the Bar prides itself on creating original and delectable drinks backed by impeccable service to keep your event running smoothly and stress-free. Not only will your guests be impressed by the quality of service from their private bartenders, but the entire process from set up to break down is also taken care of with professionalism and attention to detail.

Tell us a little bit about Across the Bar and how it came to be?

Across the Bar came about by accident actually. I spent years Bartending in a local restaurant and moonlighting at weddings for extra cash. I started getting calls from some of the venues I worked at asking if I’d like to work more and I decided to take my side work and make it my own business. I was flattered to be considered by these venues and businesses and was excited to take my passion for service and cocktails to a level I hadn’t considered before. That was 8 years ago and we have not looked back.

What is your company’s mission?

Our mission is to offer professional, responsible and entertaining bar services for all the celebrated occasions possible. We strive to serve every client and their guests with custom options for their bar and event needs.

 Alcohol usually is 10-20% of a couple’s wedding budget, how do you work with clients on the cost of your services? How do they determine how much to serve?

We have always been conscious of the fact that our clients have different budgets and needs. We offer custom options to help serve as many budget tiers as possible. We start with a questionnaire to see what exactly their needs are and what details are and aren’t important to them. We consider everything from staff, supplies, equipment, and even themes and decor. We work with each client based on the menu, guests, and timeline to guide them as to how much is needed to serve their guests safely and also creatively as needed.

What should a client bring to you before booking or hiring you? Is there anything they need to already have in mind when it comes to Across the Bar?

Our questionnaire helps lead them through the main details that help decide what they need. Date, venue, estimated headcount, what they want to serve (beer and wine, full bar, signature cocktails, etc), and a basic idea of their vision if they already have specific things in mind or a Pinterest board to work with. We also work with them through the planning process to develop these visions or keep things as simple as they’d like.

What are some trends you are seeing in your industry?

Every year trends come and go and it all depends on the client. Since we work with all different levels, trends don’t always get incorporated into each event. One of our favorite options is when a client offers a signature cocktail and mocktail for their guests. I always like to include everyone in the experience and we offer much more than alcohol services. Allow all of your guests to be a part of the experience by providing non-alcoholic options at your bar. This includes toasts. Offering sparkling cider alongside champagne allows everyone to take part in the celebration.

What services/packages do you offer? What all is included?

We customize all of our packages for every individual event. But we offer the following:

● Bar services beer, wine, cocktails, champagne, etc
● Mocktail services (even if you don’t want alcohol at all. We have many events that are just mocktails.)
● Drink stations (tea, water, lemonade, etc)
● Hot stations (coffee bar, hot cocoa, cider, etc)
● Candy Bars
● Whiskey & cigar bars (other liquors also available)
● Glassware rentals
● Bar rentals
● Champagne wall rental (also used as a display wall)
● Greenery backdrop rentals (also used for photo booths)
● Neon signs, marquis signs, and letters, many decor options
● Game rentals (cornhole, Jenga, Connect 4, etc)

Other options are linens, cocktail tables, sno cone machine (boozy sno cones included), self serve mimosa bars and decor for bridal showers, etc, along with other options that can be accommodated with our inventory.

We are steadily adding rentals as we grow.

What is your process once a client hires you? How do you communicate work together?

We communicate with the client through their preferred choice: email, phone text etc. Once the client has booked, we start working on details as they plan. Sometimes the bar isn’t the first thing so we don’t always have much to coordinate until other priorities have been settled. But we are available to our clients as they plan to answer their questions and begin working on the menu, set up, design and decor as soon as they are ready. We also work with planners and coordinators to help take this off of our clients’ plates if applicable.

What has been your most favorite wedding experience and why did it stand out?

Honestly, we have had so many unique events from Indian weddings with the most extravagant decor and traditions, to Latin weddings with so much energy, music, and dancing, to more simple events that just had an awesome ambiance and clientele that it’s hard to choose a favorite. When your job comes down to celebration at every event, we are so honored to be able to have a place at each one. From the biggest to the smallest. From weddings to birthdays to corporate events, they’re all unique and special!

What has been the most extravagant or wildest wedding experience you had?

Again, it’s hard to say. We have had horse-drawn carriages, fireworks, hot air balloons, 10 piece bands, and custom cocktails designed for clients to cool and super expensive souvenir gifts for guests. Every single one has been impressive. Extravagance is fun and so indulging and unique to each of those clients but we work with clients all over the spectrum and even the simplest days are so much fun!

How can clients get in touch with you?

We have our website,
Facebook: Across the Bar Bartending Services and Rentals,
Instagram @acrossthebarromega
Call or text us at 706-844-3242 and ask for Sabrina.

We would love to be a part of their celebration and appreciate all of our clients and enjoy serving them with the most customized and personal bar experience that each of them deserves.