To many, a wedding is a dream come true. It’s a significant milestone that marks years of trust, love, care, and attention. It’s a celebration that brings together two individuals to make the ultimate commitment to each other, expressed through a ceremony that has endured for ages.

Moreover, weddings often require so much effort, planning, and luck to execute well. When all those years of love and months of planning come together on a single day, it’s purely magical.

Any traditional wedding is likely to include a photographer to capture the big day, but it’s common to underestimate the importance of that service. We often think of elements like the venue, catering, and design to be the big-ticket items; however, photography is another area that benefits from splurging a bit to book a skilled professional that will memorialize your wedding day for years to come.

Here are a few reasons why you should never pinch pennies on your wedding photographer:

1. To share with future generations
Our young ones have the privilege of getting a glimpse into the past through photos and videos passed down by generations. When you hire a great photographer for your wedding, you’ll have those pictures for life. Your children and grandchildren will see these photos one day, helping to form their impression of weddings, love, and unforgettable moments. Give future generations something superb to look back on by hiring a talented wedding photographer who will capture every moment of your big day.

2. To expertly shoot your wedding details
Great photographers are well-versed in the art of capturing the very best moments. From the deepest laughs to the most intimate glances, expert photographers know how to work with any subject in front of them. Even if your wedding is limited in décor and design, a professional photographer knows how to shine the best light on every corner of your wedding. Their expertise in photo editing can also liven up the memories from your big day.

Additionally, it’s important to differentiate between wedding photographers and other photogs. While any professional photographer will know their way around a camera, wedding photographers have the experience that uniquely qualifies them to capture your wedding day. They know precisely how to position your veil so it flows in the wind, and they know how to rally a whole family—including the little ones—in for formal pictures. They’ll be ready for every big moment because they understand the flow of a wedding. Wedding photographers see life through a different lens, which translates to expertly-shot pictures of every detail, from a stylized invitation suite to a special exchange between a bride and her flower girl.

3. To enhance the guest experience
When a photographer is responsible for capturing the day’s memorable moments, it allows guests to focus on experiencing the wedding in the moment. Since they know there will be professional photos to view later, they can put their phones away and direct their attention towards the action. If you want to go the extra mile, consider asking people to keep their phones off for an “unplugged” ceremony. Not only does this draw the focus to you and your partner, but it also ensures that a crowd of smartphones isn’t photobombing your professional photos.

Going big and splurging on wedding photography makes all the difference. After all, you only get one chance to host your dream wedding, so make sure it counts!

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