Bring on the cute photos and the lovey-dovey smiles! When it’s time to show up for your engagement photos, you want to look and feel your best, so it’s essential to select an outfit that brings out your best mood.

Not sure what to wear for your engagement photoshoot? That’s totally okay. It’s not always easy to select the perfect outfit for a once-in-a-lifetime moment. As long as you pick your look early and have an idea of what you’re looking for, there’s no need to worry.

Several factors go into deciding what to wear for your engagement photoshoot, such as fashion trends, the location of the shoot, and even matching with your partner, but an excellent way to figure out what to wear is to consider the season you’ll be shooting in.

You don’t want to look back at your winter engagement photos and see yourself in a yellow dress or suit, and you don’t want to show up to have your picture taken in the summer wearing deep red pants or a black sweater.

Let’s walk through some good outfit combinations that go with the season when you’re capturing memories with your spouse-to-be.

Summer and Spring

Airy and bright seasons, summer and spring call for vibrant and fun colors along with a more casual vibe. Opt for mini or midi dresses in blue or keep it fresh with florals. For more pizzazz, switch it up with baby pink and a little bit of shimmer.

Pastels are a great option, too. Guys can try a button-down shirt in bright colors, like baby blue and light green with a pair of light chinos. If you prefer a suit, choose light colors like grey or light blue. Think cheerful and uplifting.

Fall and Winter

Long sleeves, layers, and knits are your friends in chilly weather. As for colors, think neutral, deep hues, shimmer metallics, and dark suits. For a fall shoot, try a camel sweater dress with knee-high boots and gold accessories to match or a tan wrap dress with extra details like ruffled sleeves. Satin and velvet dresses are classy for winter shoots, as well as white jumpsuits and off-the-shoulder black maxi dresses.

Guys, you can’t go wrong with the classic black suit, navy button-downs, or deep red polo shirts.

Start talking with your spouse-to-be about when you’re going to take engagement photos and how you two want to dress. The most important thing to remember when picking out your engagement outfits is finding something that’s uniquely you to have a successful engagement photoshoot!

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