Rain, rain go away, especially on your wedding day. If you’re planning an outside wedding, you may have to account for an uninvited guest—the rain. You’ve planned a dream wedding at the perfect venue with the most beautiful decor, but the rain comes to wash it all away. 

It may seem as if there’s nothing you can do about the rain except pray it’s nothing but a drizzle. What if instead of wishing the rain away, you could do something about it? If you want to be proactive about not letting bad weather ruin your wedding, here are two ways to save your special day.

Don’t Leave Your Guests Wondering ‘What If?’

Though your guests are excited about celebrating your special day, letting them know rain is a possibility will keep them aware of the possible situation. Giving your guests a ‘heads up’ will show not only that you care about their comfort but look forward to their presence.

Here are two ways to keep your guests from wondering ‘What If?’

  • Have a wedding website? Keep it up-to-date with weather info and backup plans.
  • Include a note on your wedding invitation about what guests can expect if there is rain.

Replace Stress with Creativity.

Nothing is worse than being stressed on your wedding day. How do you let go of the frustration of experiencing bad weather and enjoy your upcoming union? It’s simple — get creative! Don’t look at the rain as a destroyer of happiness; look at it as a way to create a wedding your friends and family will forever remember with smiles. 

If rain is in the forecast, here are two ways to make the most of it.

  • Create a ‘Grab an umbrella’ station with the newlywed’s monogram printed on them.
  • Create a hot beverage station with drinks like hot cocoa and cider to keep your guests warm and comfy.

This special day is about you and your loved one committing yourself to one another. Rain, whether it’s a drizzle or downpour, shouldn’t take away your happiness. The best way to not let bad weather ruin your wedding day is to embrace the rainy weather by choosing to make the best out of a soggy situation.

If you want a wedding vendor who can help you create the perfect wedding despite bad weather, check out the Southern Wedding Collective. Finding the right vendor is the first step to having a beautiful wedding, whether sunshine or rain.