Discover Your Niche as a Wedding Professional

As a wedding vendor, you already know you are in a specific industry and even within that industry, you offer a more particular service such as catering, entertainment, photography, etc…

Even so, it may be time to take a step back and consider truly focusing on an area of expertise to set you apart from the competition, grow your business, and gain more quality clients. 

What is a Niche?

A “niche” basically means a product or a service that is for a specialized segment of the market. When you are in the wedding industry this means niching down to the services you offer but also the clients you work with.  You probably have already niched your business down to a specific service couples look for when planning their wedding but have you considered scaling down even more. Lasering in on what you truly have a passion for within your industry and how you can expand that particular area.  

Benefits of Defining Your Niche

One of the benefits of defining your niche is that you now are positioning your authority as a brand leader within the field. You can stand out among the competition because you are offering a service that is more boutique than the other run-of-the-mill vendors. Your marketing focus begins to grow as well because you have the ability to target your message to a smaller section of the population. You can curate your social media and hashtags to attract ideal brides and grooms looking for your specific service for their wedding ceremony or reception.  Finally, you can increase your rates when you become an expert!

Importance of Finding Your Niche

Defining your skillset can help you actually grow your business faster by offering a more specific service. You are able to attract better quality and higher-paying clients when you market to your target audience versus the masses. Ultimately, you’ll find a better quality of work/life balance because you are doing exactly what you love. You have experience in the wedding industry and are a valued vendor and now you are an expert within your subset of the market.

Maybe you are just getting started and that’s perfect. It’s great to offer a lot of variety. Start wide but begin paying attention to the things you love doing, the weddings where you have a spring in your step because you are passionate about the services you are offering and the couples you are working with, and begin narrowing it down.

What Does This Look Like?

What does niching down really look like within the wedding industry. You already are a specific vendor within the broader scope of the wedding industry but how do you cull that down to something even more specialized. Perhaps you are a wedding planner but you realize you do your best work when you are planning destination weddings.  Maybe you are a baker by trade and you offer pastries, cakes, pies, all the things, but recently you have become an expert at macarons. You have perfected the recipe and the color offerings and you see an uptick in business when you offer these. As a DJ you offer entertainment for the reception however, you have realized that you offer a curated playlist based on the deep dive you do with each couple. You take the time to really get to know the couple and in turn produce a soundtrack for their love story. All of these things are what will help you discover your own passion, who your ideal client is, the skills you can offer, and who is your competition.

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